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Blocks execution of inline JavaScript by not allowing 'unsafe-inline' inside script-src
Blocks execution of JavaScript's eval() function by not allowing 'unsafe-eval' inside script-src
Blocks execution of plug-ins, using object-src restrictions
Blocks inline styles by not allowing 'unsafe-inline' inside style-src
Blocks loading of active content over HTTP or FTP
Blocks loading of passive content over HTTP or FTP
Clickjacking protection, using frame-ancestors
Deny by default, using default-src 'none'
Restricts use of the <base> tag by using base-uri 'none', base-uri 'self', or specific origins
Restricts where <form> contents may be submitted by using form-action 'none', form-action 'self', or specific URIs
Uses CSP3's 'strict-dynamic' directive to allow dynamic script loading (optional)
Name Expires Path Secure HttpOnly SameSite Prefixed
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Looking for improved security and have a user base of only modern clients?

Take a look at the Mozilla “Modern” TLS configuration! It provides an extremely high level of security and performance and is compatible with all clients released in the last couple years. It is not recommended for general purpose websites that may need to service older clients such as Android 4.x, Internet Explorer 10, or Java 6.x.

Still want secure website, but need compatibility with those older clients?

No problem! The Mozilla “Intermediate” TLS configuration may be just right for you! It provides the similar level of security to the “Modern” configuration when used with current clients, but still supports older versions of web browsers and tools.

Please note that these suggestions may not be appropriate for your particular usage requirements! If they do sound like something you'd like assistance with, then hop on board:

Teleport me to Mozilla's configuration generator!

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🎉🎉🎉 We don't have any! Keep up the good work! 🎉🎉🎉
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Email Security

Global Cyber Alliance (GCA)
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Transport Layer Security TLS & SSL

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